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  • Jul 24, 2024
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  1. It’s amazing how an athlete can bash another player over the head with a helmet and the PIAA doesn’t want to get involved but a transfer and they punish an athlete for a whole year!

    • Duane on December 23, 2013 at 1:26 pm said:
      “It’s amazing how an athlete can bash another player over the head with a helmet and the PIAA doesn’t want to get involved but a transfer and they punish an athlete for a whole year!”

      My thoughts exactly.

  2. This seems like an unfair rule. What a shame that she can’t enjoy sports for an entire year. This is high school sports for goodness sakes. It’s not professional basketball or even college level!

  3. Yes, PIAA is very hypocritical in this and many cases. Following the rules here (most likely) to the the letter and ignoring it somewhere else. A simple solution would be to separate private and public schools from PIAA classifications.

  4. Excellent stuff. The history of the LL remains important to all. Coach Hess and Tab Bickell are another example of basketball trees and how relationships forged in high school influence us all.

    Well done. Thanks,

  5. As Adrienne’s mother, I want everyone to know that our family very much appreciates the kindness the Lebanon Catholic community on Assumption Hill extends to Adrienne. If it were not for there honest interest in her well-being, we would not be comfortable with allowing Adrienne to attend the games without being accompanied by a friend or family member. As any parent knows, when your child becomes independent there is always a bit of anxiety and concern that is felt. The Lebanon Catholic supporters have alleviated those feeling for her father and I while she is nestled in the bleachers, cheering on the players and always anticipating a win. We are so very thankful to all who have helped complete a significant part of Adrienne’s interest and life.

    Again, Thank You!

    Jane Heilman

  6. Adrienne is more than just the all-time fan. What people don’t realize is her incredible ability to be the team historian. She can recall unordinary things like who number 10 was on Clarion High School, the 1992 team that Lebanon Catholic beat for the state championship. She is actually pretty incredible in that sense. As well as in a billion other ways.

    If only we all could be so gifted…

  7. Good for you Ashley Moyer! You were one of the best pure shooters to come out of Lebanon county. I enjoyed watching you play for CCrest for 4 years

  8. Great story, but the best point guard to ever play at Lebanon High, in Lebanon County, and arguable the Lancaster Lebanon League is Pat Daly. Not even close….Total domination on the court against the highest level of competition, total domination of the LL league for 3 years straight…And if we wanted to tell stories about how good someone was on the playground in Lebanon, and how legendary this guy was on the court and on the playground, we would be talking for a very long time!!!

  9. I loved this story, but to be honest the best players Lebanon has had since Sam Bowie were on the same team. Mike Bechtold and Pat Daly…They were legends as kids growing up in Lebanon, and became the most winning players in the history of Lebanon High. In fact, if you tallied every win these guys had from 7th grade through 12th grade they won more games than anyone in this town or county will ever wish to win…

  10. Remember when Gerhart was selling all his equipment and quitting ARCA forever? Yea the fans don’t forget that either. No one feels sorry for you.

    • Fun Sand – Gerhart didn’t say he was selling all his equipment and leaving ARCA. As I recall, he said he had enough inventory for 3 teams, and was selling off a lot of his stuff because he saw changes coming down the road in ARCA. If you don’t believe me, read the Lebanon Daily from 6/12/2013. Quoted excerpts below:

      There’s no retirement for me yet,” Gerhart said Monday night. “I don’t know how long I’m going to race.

      “I love to race and I still wanna race. I never dreamed I’d still be racing at age 55.”

      In fact, the veteran driver who is best known for his ARCA series record eight victories at Daytona International Speedway is looking to take his team up a notch. Gerhart Racing is planning to compete in its second Nationwide series race of the season on July 5 at Daytona and next year wants to have an even greater presence in Nationwide.

      “The future for us is to expand and run Nationwide and ARCA races,” said Gerhart, who is one month shy of his 55th birthday. “The (expense) numbers are becoming increasingly closer (to run Nationwide vs. ARCA races).”

      To clarify Gerhart’s ad, he is willing to sell pieces of his team to anyone who’s interested, and there’s two reasons why. One is because he has excess parts, and the second reason is because of a change in ARCA racing that Gerhart feels is coming down the road.

      “We actually ran two ARCA teams (in the past),” he said. “I have enough equipment to facilitate three teams. … It (the ad) doesn’t say I’m going to retire. It has created a lot of interest.

      “I actually own the right to another number in the series. If someone wanted a complete package, I could do that.”

      He continued, “A lot of things are happening in the (ARCA) series in the next 4-5 years. I think the series is gonna go through a transition, and I think the time to sell the cars is right now.”

      The ad says there are 26 cars, 14 engines and 15 transmissions available, plus a hauler. It continues, “Cars for sale encompass 6 Daytona victories. Will sell as complete team or will separate.”

      In the future, know all the facts before you go to a comments board and wind up looking like a total idiot.

  11. Jeff, Thank you for these great reports and your article on Adrienne Heilman was fantastic! I being a retired School Psychologist and having a niece with Down’s (47% end up with limited intellectual functioning but the 43% usually have some type of learning disability but not MR) can not thank you enough for this great article you wrote. Adrienne and my niece have better social skills than many of the ‘normal’ students I worked with over the years! Way to go Jeff and thank you from all of we professionals that work with this population of extremely interesting individuals. The happy demure of these people always give me pause about life in general and how their great personalities (which has a lot to do with the parenting they received from birth!) make one realize what a great world we live in. Sincerely, Dr. Bill Rakow,Jr.

  12. Jeff, nice article on my son Tom. I think that it really reminded him and helped feel like he is part of the team. It has been rough since 10-8-13. Thanks again.

    Bob Black

  13. Great story! Absolutely no reason for firing one of the best coaches in NCAA Women’s basketball. It’s more disappointing that the President and trustees didn’t look into what’s really going on. They should’ve been looking at why the men’s program has been unsuccessful since 1994! You blew it LVC!!

  14. Thank you, Mr. Parks, for your candid comments. I am happy to know exactly what you and the LVC administration think of the women who were recruited by Coach Goclowski over the past eight years. Apparently, they were not the caliber of student you are looking for. Oh, by the way – my daughter was one of those student athletes who were not good enough for you. I appreciate knowing your opinion of her before I receive my annual phone call requesting a donation to the Valley Fund. I am certain that if my daughter was not good for you, my money will not be good enough either. I hope you and the rest of the powers that be at LVC get the coach & women’s basketball program you are looking for. You deserve it. Shame on you. Shame. On. You.

  15. Congrats to the players and parents along with Mr. Beard and all who destroyed the legacy of L.V.C WBB. You got your way. I hope you all sleep well at night and I hope that Karma knocks at your door. My daughter is a former player under coach Goclowski. A very proud player to have played under such an awesome coach. Controlling? Mean? Not worried about Academics? How wrong you all are. First let me address the Academics. During her four years under Coach there were times players missed practice due to classes.it was never an issue never a problem. When my daughter was struggling in a class he talked with her and another player who helped her. However your right he did not care..Really? Controlling? Hmmm maybe a little..because he cared about your daughters well being and did not want them making bad decisions. Shame on you coach for caring! Shame on you coach for instilling a team work attitude and that hard work pays off. What were you thinking.? Did you not know that spoiled little adult girls can just cry to their parents who can call you while drunk and complain to you and Mr. Beard. Shame on you Coach for working endless hours on watching tapes or recruiting just to make the WBB program a success..Shame on you Coach for having such a successful Pink Game for Cancer. As far as Alumni coming back and supporting L.V.C I guess it was just my imagination seeing former players and parents at the games. The fact my daughter graduated from L.V.C is a miracle since she evidently was not up to administrations standards with being a former player under Coach. All these things that are mentioned in the article are just a bunch of excuses for dismissing Coach. Get to the real reason. A bunch of spoiled brats that may not got the playing time they thought they should.. Mr. Beard and his personal reasons. If you look into the Academic success and the programs success of the former players you will see what a bad joke this all is. You had a coach who cared for this program and his players. All of them!!!! A coach whose job was made harder the past two years due to being watched like a hawk. Funny he was never suspended any game for his conduct like the Men’s coach.?? Wonder how the administration can explain this. ? This man taught my daughter that nothing in life is free but with hard work, commitment , working well with others and caring anything is possible. Shame on you Coach! I pray that Coach finds another school , another program , and makes it the success he made L.V.C.WBB.

  16. Unfortunately, Cedar Crest will never be able to compete with the Townships of the world. They start their program in the elementary schools. The Girls program at Cedar Crest just started a middle school program and it is only in its’ second year of existence.

    We need to have MORE student-athletes involved in the lax club scene on a yearly basis, not just two or three. Township has the majority of their varsity and junior varsity players playing year round.

    We need to play as a team and not have a couple of players playing as individuals. Township knows where their players are on the field and have great (no phenomenal) passing skills!

    And, we need to bring on qualified coaching staff that have played at the collegiate level previously. If and when we get to the point of having the majority of our players playing year-round, there will come a time that our players know more about the sport than the coaches. It’s already starting to happen.

  17. Unbelievable!! I guess thats why the only response came from a marketing guy. They never really say anything do they! Todd was absolutely perfect for the job, The reasons cited–community outreach, academics–he did that part of the job as well as the coaching part. It gets very tiresome when over and over the excuse for a non response is its a human resource issue. Yea, it is-you fired the wrong guy!!! I’ve had [personal experience with both of the major people involved I and I know for certain where the strength of character resides.
    Good luck coach-God Speed!

  18. Excellent articles and coverage of Lebanon County sports. Thank you for some very entertaining coverage. Your site is at the top of my list I search and read to stay informed of the highlights of Lebanon events.

  19. It is now July 8, 2014 and a new Head Coach has not been named. The NCAA evaluation period is down to 10 days. Way to screw the Women’s Basketball program Mr. Beard. Guess now you won’t have to come up with a reason to cancel the Rinso Tournament.

  20. I attended a few girl’s games and always loved the way Todd Goclowski had his women play. I have had dealings with Mr. Beard and I have to say he’s always been very nice to me. But, why he keeps Brad McAlester who hasn’t really contributed anything noteworthy the past ten years is beyond me. My question to any of you is, was Brad suspended at any time during this season for uttering a profanity of some sort? Was he also suspended for one game as well? If so, what did he do and why hasn’t it been made known to the media and alumni? I am very curious about this. I also wonder what he has on the college that enables him to continue a mediocre coaching career.

  21. Have no idea why family decided to move just before Madison’s senior year but it has to be tough to leave your friends and coaches and be thrown into a new and different environment. After all, this is a teenager and teens have enough difficulty coping with peer pressure, relationships, and academic demands. Madison is a modest and somewhat shy person. Even though she is a good student and gifted athlete, the parents should expect her to have some adjustment problems. I wish her nothing but the best, during what will be a difficult transition.

  22. The Cedars are going to prove they are not a “one-man team” and come back with another strong season. (Mark Pyles was a great athlete, top scholar, and all-around outstanding person but there are still many talented, experienced, and hard-working football players on the 2014 roster.) LHS, under the steady, skillful and dynamic leadership of Coach Yonchiuk and staff, will be a force to be reckoned with no matter who the opponent is.

    Good luck Cedars! I will be following the team again from Florida via the Pennlive “app” and web site. Looking forward to another exciting and successful season.

  23. hi Jeff! Great article, thank you. I really like the way you drew out the best for both teams and positively commented on the play both ways. All the boys give it their all so it is nice to be uplifted and noticed.

  24. Demond is one of a number of great kids at Lebanon High School in similar situations. It was nice to read such a positive article about one of our students. Thank you Mr. Falk.

  25. Bob Page was one of the most surly guys you ever wanted to meet, but once you knew him a little, he could be very kind. He was one hell of a competitor!

  26. Great story on a storied Tournament. You’re still covering tennis like a pro. Enjoyed your reporting on one more Gretna tennis tournment. An added note to the event, simply there are no other open amateur tennis tournaments like it where anyone can enter. As you might know, amateur U.S.T.A. events are by age and costly, so the Gretna green clay event (slow and great on the joints) is unique, and draws entries of all ages and experiences from throughout the mid-state. Also, congratulations to Mike for recruiting a great draw each year.

  27. Hey Jeff,
    The thing about concussions is that it isn’t about concussions. It’s about the many small impacts to the head that can result in the brain bouncing off the inside of the skull. I am not a doctor as you know, being a classmate from way back when, but I have seen the Frontline documentary on CTE and read numerous articles including the one with Kyle Turley describing how he couldn’t remember his team scoring after a typical scoring drive in a game. The constant helmet hits are what make for the growth of CTE, not a concussion or two.

    Keep up the great work following Lebanon sports!

  28. What a wonderful article. Thank you so much for the kind words. These girls were so fun to watch. They played with their hearts each and every game. They were the true meaning of the word “team”!

  29. Even though he’s resigning as school board president, some Northern Lebanon School District parents still are calling for David Hauck to step down entirely from the elected position.

  30. Love seeing old names and friends on your website, keep up the good work.

  31. Best sports article of all time! Thanks to your descriptive notes, that amazing day and the events thereon are memorialized for a lifetime of reading enjoyment.

  32. Hi Jeff,

    I played a lot of golf in Lebanon County back in the 70s and 80s. For a few years, I lived only a few miles away from Pine Meadows and Freeport Mills. Played PM many times. Played FM once. It was a terrible track. By far, the worst in the county. Never went back. Sorry to stick a pin in this balloon, but your article makes it sound like it was a nice golf course at one time. It wasn’t, at least in my opinion.

    Anyway, always enjoy reading your articles. Hope all is well with you and hope you have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


  33. Great girl, hoping and wishing the best for her; she has shown significant horsemanship throughout her career. Best wishes to her and hers.


  35. I would love to see Lebanon Catholic girls basketball schedule a couple of non league games with Bishop McDevitt in Harrisburg & Trinity on the west shore school district. I believe it would create a new friendly but competitive spirit within the Catholic schools.

  36. Yeah whoever is coaching Palmera’s defense this year is really doing a good job. Way to mention all the players that had plays in the game.

  37. Nice article Jeff! Glad to see an informative piece on a local sports event again. The way it should be. Merry Christmas!

  38. Hey Jeff, that’s a well written and researched article. Love the honest input from Coach Hess. They were fortunate to have each other. Down to earth is the one comment I hear the most about Sam Bowie. Glad to hear he’s doing well

  39. Maybe if the political bs from high school baseball didnt bleed into summer ball, kids and parents would prioritize it. Instead they quit or fall back to their other sport of choice/dont prioritize legion.

  40. The problem is that the kids on travel ball teams make those games a priority over the Legion games we had a few games where we thought we might also have to forfeit due to having so many kids out do to travel ball games. People need to pick one or the other. Don’t commit to a team if you are not willing to play the whole season.

  41. I had the pleasure of knowing and playing with Frank in high school, a good guy then and a good guy now. Frank, thanks for helping to bring a championship to Philadelphia! Always nice to see our local people succeed.

  42. Thanks for covering the game, Jeff. So impressive. This girl’s varsity game rose to the level of a boys varsity game when I was in school. They came onto the court to music like champions, running drills. There were cheerleaders, and a good attendance for the home team AC girls.

    FYI, I taped and posted the final minute as “Live Video” on Facebook, and thought I’d share.

    PS. The Assistant Coach is Craig Andrews.

  43. John Houser was as gentle off the field as he was strong on the field. He was a friend on 10th Street while we lived in Walnut. I then worked with one of John’s brothers-in-law and he and I spoke about John in many occasions. Thanks for posting the article.

  44. Way to go Jeremy!! Leave it all on the field and don’t come home clean!!! That’s what this Uncle likes to see and I would expect nothing less from you. Get those Dutchmen into the PIAA’s. If you think this was great, just wait for the next two years!! YOU AIN’T SEEN NOTHING YET!!!! Right Jeremy??


  45. Jeff, This morning got to your website via Facebook. Did not have to go thru google. Things are looking up.
    Thanks for the article on American legion baseball, in particular,the Richland at Annville game.
    We appreciate your coverage and what you do. Lmkrall

  46. Great article Jeff!! I was priviliged to teach with Frank’s mother, Pat, at the Cornwall Middle School 1966-69. Frank was a student in my Gym classes in Grades 1, 2 & 3. It has been thrilling to watch his career at Cedar Crest, Maryland and eventually the NFL as a player, assistant coach and presently the Head Coach of the Indianapolis Colts. Congrats to an outstanding young man from a wonderful family—the Reich family(Frank, Pat, Cyndi, Frank Jr. and Joe!!!

  47. MR. SAM BOWIE;

    I was just emailing you to see if you still sign your BASKETBALL cards by any chance.
    I have just a few that are not in the best of shape since being handled and shown a lot to others.
    And I was just asking if you still would sign them for me if possible and if so where would I send them to a well.

    Thanks again for your time and reply.
    Thanks again Richard valentine – sfnm

  48. Do you have a year by year record for Northern Lebanon Football and Boys Basketball

    Also NL Boys Basketball Coaching History

    There are different lists as well on here that could be updated

    • Double summer practices, out running (and off sides) and Happy Feet. Paved the way with your standards & dedication for others to follow suit. Thank you Coach.

  49. “It’s important for the kids because they hate Lancaster Catholic” and “It’s important because we don’t like what they stand for.” Keeping it classy! Hate? Why would a coach foster this kind of attitude with young women? Coaching is about so much more than winning.

  50. How can this man be allowed to coach high school girls basketball or be around kids of any age with that attitude? What, exact does Lancaster Catholic stand for that they “hate”? Religion? Values? Life lessons taught by coaches and staff? Where are the school officials on this? Why hasn’t he been reprimanded? He would’ve been fired immediately if I was on that school board! I would certainly hope he doesn’t speak for them! Isn’t there enough hate in the world without a coach of our future spewing hate? Where does the league, district or even the PIAA stand on these comments?

  51. Didn’t take long for the new man to demonstrate the authority of his position. Coaches not in the clique might have to prostrate themselves at his temple or experience who’s in charge now. Some say that he wrecked a local little league organization so that he could coach his own team with relatives. If I were the HS baseball I’d be looking over my shoulder.

  52. I meant to say HS baseball coach. I feel sorry for the way Coach Donmoyer was treated and I never met the man.

  53. Dear Sam,
    I watched you grow up from the time we both lived in the same neighborhood own the north side of Lebanon, PA, and when you first started to play basketball at the YMCA and the LAA playground. Your Dad worked with my dad at the BS and your Mom worked with my mom. I watched you play HS basketball and went to every game including the PIAA championship game in Hershey against Pittsburgh Schenley. You graduated from LHS with my younger sister and my whole family followed you throughout your remarkable college years as a KU Wildcat and your exciting NBA pro career. You experienced what most of us only dream of in life and you will always be remembered for your tremendous personal sacrifice and lifetime great achievements.
    May God Bless You!
    Michael Blouch

  54. Very good article Jeff and thank you for your inspiration to write about my father. I’m sure he’s gleaming from above knowing that his inspiration of organizing sports teams and what he wanted to do for Lebanon has not been forgotten.

  55. Had no idea he lived in this area back then. Back in the day, I played against and with some former major league players in high school and college, but never realized Claude Osteen had that connection to this area. Although I am from (and currently live in) Enola, PA and it is pretty neat to hear of his connections here. One of my daughters currently lives in Palmyra and I had a relative who was a counselor in the Annville-Cleona SD may years ago. Very nice area!

  56. congratulations on your 3 first place winners last night 8-12 2020 . we’ve been watching the races since they opened up. keep up the good work . keep healthy and stay safe. if dawn would be typing this she would be on the first word. se you when the dancing starts up. tom and dawn

  57. A night I will always remember personally Is when I was in inducted into the central Pennsylvania sports Hall of Fame, along with Claude Osteen and long time Hershey Bears Coach Frank Mathers.

  58. Thank you…..a great article and reflection on Tina and here education at Lebanon Catholic and the amazing attributes that students and parents that attended there can only but understand.
    Go Beavers!!!

  59. Congratulations Tina! You have set a great standard for other women in your profession and a great example for young women in Lebanon County. Really good article Jeff.

  60. One of the best baseball minds I have ever been around! And to say he made a difference in the kids on and off of the field is an understatement. Having coached with him I was amazed at the amount of former players that would come back to a practice or a game just to see Tony and Ace. And it was almost always the same story. A kind word of thanks to them because as adults they realized the lessons they learned while playing for them they were able to take to their adult lives and thrive. Tony was a genius at teaching the game the right way. Either you played his way (the right way) or you sat on the bench until you decided to be a team player.
    Thanks for all of your years of service Tony! The cycle of being a part of your world started when I was 15 at Iona and you did one of the most amazing things for me and I will leave it at that but it touched me beyond words and then to be able to coach with you and later have my son Brady alos play for you was a cycle of baseball life that I will be forever greatful for,

  61. Tony Louwerse is a legend in Lebanon County Baseball. He taught the game properly and expected nothing less than 100% from his players and he pushed them to get it. There are few coaches today who have the kind of longevity that he had, Today a lot of coaches leave the game after their kids move on. Old time coaches like Tony, Ace Pierce, Tom Starry, Lyle Krall, Lem Landis, Walt Long, Ed Spittle, Glenn Reppert, all coached for decades. They were dedicated to teaching the game the right way and for their love of the game. Lebanon County Baseball was fortunate to have these guys. My son played for Tony and was an assistant coach. He is still involved as an umpire in the game he learned to love. I myself at 80 years young am still involved in the game. These legends were an inspiration.

  62. Several players commented on Tony’s slow measured trips to the mound. Later, those trips became slower and more measured. Some pitchers covered their chests with their glove to soften the impact of getting poked there while getting verbally realigned by Tony Lou. He did tend to invade your personal space; while contorting an animated expression flavored by a coal cracker accent.

    He could be a bit intimidating. But he got special satisfaction watching those skinny 13-yr olds develop into excellent players. His teams had many of those.
    One of them, after the first practice ended, climbed into his dad’s pickup and said, “I’m never returning to that field again.” He did, of course, return and became one of most committed and dedicated players ever. Now looking at a very bright baseball future at RIT.

  63. I had the honor of playing for and coaching with both Tony and Ace. Tradition, honor, sportmanship and grit are just a few of the words that immediately come to mind. Take care of those, and success follows more often than not. The Cornwall “pinstripes” will always represent excellence to anyone who played for or against us thanks to Tony and Ace. So much repect and admiration…

  64. Tony Louwerse, over 60 years what more can be said. He has done so much for VFW baseball with out him there would be no VFW baseball. I have been friends with Tony for a very long time. He taught the game of baseball the right way, always getting everything out of his players. He never gave up on any player he would work with all the young men to make them better ball players and that always showed. Tony and I would talk baseball all the time on the phone and sometimes he would tell me the same story more then once but i did not care it was always fun listing to them. I have umpired a lot of Cornwall games over the years and it was always fun to go there because you never knew what would come from Tony. I love to talk to the catchers and he had some real good ones, when they would miss a ball he would let them know, one time the catcher said to me I am gone to get reamed when I get to the bench, I said no he is coming for you now and you would hear time out!! Tony will never be forgotten for all he did. Tony Thank you for being a great friend, I will always remember the good times. I only have two regrets one that I could not play for him and two I never got to throw him out of a game.

  65. Nice article Jeff. I’d like to also congratulate the LebanonLongshots,coached by Matt Sanders & Steve Beard on winning the Gold medal for 19u baseball at the Keystone State Games this past weekend. There were 5 Cedar Crest players on the team.

  66. This is great! Makes me wish I was back in Lebanon. Congrats to George ‘Gzo’ Rodriguez for his creativity and hard work.

  67. Am sad by this but Pat is a super talent. Some 20 years ago i got to play tennis with & against Pat. I met him thru friend John Shott. Pat’s sports reads are way above the ordinary. He is a stand-out & i praised him so often he probably sick of it. I started helping coach HS boys tennis to give back to a game i can not play much due to aging, injuries & surgeries to feet & knees. Helping encourage others in tennis is now my thing. Thanks Pat. You know I am a big fan. I must get my 2XL t-shirt. Do the best you can. God Bless You. Friend Jerry Karli

  68. This is a former opponent of David’s. If he was any kind of coach like he was a athlete, he was a special talent when it came to baseball. What we have to look at is, what the players (girls) are going to miss out on. His knowledge and experience will be surrendered……. Ed Shiffer