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BY JEFF FALK LEBANON –  Tennis, anyone? Tennis everyone?   It spans continents. It spans...

BY JEFF FALK Photos Submitted There is only one thing greater than ascending to...

BY JEFF FALK FREDERICKSBURG – There are few things more patriotic than boys playing...

  • BY JEFF FALK LEBANON – There are many elements that make the W.B. Sullivan Better-Ball-of-Partners a great golf tournament. One of the biggest is that it attracts talented players and teams from up and down the east coast. Historically, that draw has always created a natural competitive conflict between the locals and the out-of-town teams […]

  • BY JEFF FALK LEBANON – So what does it take to be a good golf partner? Many of the same qualities it takes to be a good partner. One must be willing to accept advice as readily as give it. One must have the right temperament. One must always place the interest of the team […]

  • (Editor’s Note: What follows is the fourth installment of a summer long series examining Lebanon County’s community pools, which last appeared on Lebanon Sports Buzz in 2018.) BY JEFF FALK ANNVILLE – It’s called flying in the face of the prevailing trend. But what the Annville-Cleona Community Pool is accomplishing is not only unconventional, it’s […]

  • BY JEFF FALK MECHANICSBURG – It’s not something that could’ve happened at home. It had to include stepping outside of its comfort zone, of thinking outside of the box. In spite of the result, somehow, some way, Myerstown became the best version of itself. And that certainly was no small task. On a steamy Tuesday […]


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  • “I’ve been coming up here since Michael Tydings and I won it in 2006. I’ve just kept coming back. I told Billy that sometimes when you go to these events out of state, the local people are not rooting for you. That’s not the case here. Up here, they just want to see good golf.”

    – Sullivan Golf Champion Jeff Castle
  • “It’s very similar to last year. We hit it off right away. It’s nice to have a partner you can count on. Obviously, I’d love to win it. I’d love to defend. This is huge to me. I grew up here. I grew up watching this event. I spent a lot of time here. “

    – Defending Sullivan Champion Stu Hanford
  • “The season, overall, was a complete success. To lose two games at the end in no way reflects the season we had. We’re a very good baseball team. We’re a very tired baseball team. This is not a reflection on one of the best teams I’ve ever coached. This is a very talented baseball team.”

    – Myerstown Head Coach Johnny Mentzer

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