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BY JEFF FALK SOUTH LEBANON – There aren’t too many things more important to...

BY JEFF FALK LEBANON – Demond Seabrook’s story is a unique one. But it’s...

  • BY JEFF FALK ELIZABETHTOWN – It wasn’t the type of season the Lebanon football team would’ve authored. And it wasn’t the kind of conclusion the Cedars would’ve scripted. But it was a happy ending. On Friday night at Elizabethtown High School, Lebanon concluded its 2014 campaign with a 36-31 victory over the hometown Bears, and [...]

  • (Editor’s note: This piece on Elco product Tyler George, now a senior on the Lebanon Valley College football squad, first appeared on Lebanon Sports Buzz in November of 2013. It was reprinted with permission.) BY JEFF FALK Given the senior nature of the squad, the overall stability within it and the depth at his position, [...]

  •  BY JEFF FALK HERSHEY – In many ways, the Palmyra field hockey team’s 2014 season was supposed to happen this way, was meant to unfold in this manner.But make no mistakes about the Cougars’ role in helping to create their own fate. On Tuesday evening at Milton Hershey School’s Henry Hershey Field, Palmyra realized its [...]

  •  BY JEFF FALK HERSHEY – For the last month, the Elco boys’ soccer team has been tight-rope walking along an emotional ledge. Last night, the Raiders lost their balance, fell off the cliff and discovered just how deep that chasm on the other side really was. On Monday evening at Hersheypark Stadium, in the semifinal [...]


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  • “It was a weird season. We had some unbelievable losses. In some of those losses we played better than we did tonight. The bottom line was we had to get a win tonight. This was huge. For them, to get that win tonight, it was important to go out on a positive note.”

    - Lebanon Football Coach Gerry Yonchiuk
  • “You don’t talk about it. At this point, we have a fierce rivalry with them, but one with great respect on both sides. The coaching staffs play with each other. It’s a great rivalry. Obviously there’s not much you’ve got to say to your kids to get them up. It’s ‘Game on!’. We’re looking forward

    - Palmyra Interim Field Hockey Coach Kent Harshman
  • “No, I didn’t see that coming either. We just struggled from start to finish. I don’t know what to say. They handed it to us. I don’t know if they were more ready to play. or what. It was definitely not a good time to have our worst loss of the year.”

    - Elco Boys’ Soccer Coach Kirk Keppley

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  • BY JEFF FALK JONESTOWN – It isn’t easy to turn your one true passion into your life work. It requires entrepreneurial spirit, faith, vision, persistence and adaptability. But if one can pull it off, it is truly a sight...

  • BY JEFF FALK Eighty-one years young, and sharp as a tack. Forgot more football than most coaches know, but still able to recall and recite specific dates, players, games and teams. In touch with the past, but in tune...

  • BY JEFF FALK NEWMANSTOWN – Though they share no common red-cell plasma, those who frequent Clyde Martin Memorial Speedway are like one big happy family. Partly because racing has this way of finding its way into one’s blood stream....

  • BY JEFF FALK PHOTOS COURTESY OF LVC ANNVILLE – It is unclear whether Lebanon Valley was looking for a way to honor the memory of Lou Sorrentino, or if the college needed a name for its indoor sports facility....

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