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BY JEFF FALK Photos Submitted Devise a plan, work hard, stay true to yourself....

BY JEFF FALK From the outside looking in, Gwyneth Young has got it altogether,...

BY JEFF FALK  Because of the ever-changing challenges related to dealing with adolescents, coaching...

  • BY JEFF FALK PALMYRA – It’s imperative in high school sports to identify positives in every situation, and critical to keep the faith. It’s also very important to talk about improving and to practice improvement. But it’s even more important to realize results from that improvement. On a chilly Friday night at Buck Swank Stadium, […]

  • BY JEFF FALK LITITZ – Sometimes you get the bear. Sometimes the bear gets you. And sometimes you’ve got to tip your fluorescent-orange hunting cap to the bear’s prowess, cunning and accuracy. On a clear Wedneseday night at Warwick High School’s Grosh Field, the undefeated Elco girls’ soccer team endured its first setback of the […]

  • BY JEFF FALK Not sure exactly when coaches decide they want to be head coaches. Some start out knowing they’re going to be head coaches, while some come to that realization over time. Others have it thrust upon them. For Matt Knox, it was an opportunity to revisit his playing days, and in a way, […]

  • BY JEFF FALK LAMPETER – It was an historic result, in a lot of ways. If historic equals ‘first time ever’, then perhaps a bit of precedence was in order. On a foggy Monday night at Lampeter-Strasburg, the Northern Lebanon girls’ soccer team’s initial forray into the Lancaster-Lebanon League playoffs produced an anti-climatic and uneventful […]


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  • “In the end, you’ve got to win. Everybody likes to hear about trying. But in life, they don’t care about trying, they care about winning. They’ve been working hard in practice. They could’ve shut down. But they’ve come to work each day and they’ve responded to coaching.”

    – Palmyyra Football Coach Chris Pope
  • “They’re a very good team. I don’t think we played badly. Probably four of those goals were fantastic shots. The one thing we didn’t do is close down on the ball quickly enough. The shots they scored on were pretty darn good. It was just one of those nights.”

    – Elco Girls’ Soccer Coach Derek Fulk
  • “To be honest, I never realized I wanted to do that. When Coach Brown’s time was done, I wanted to step in and build off what he did. There wasn’t a light bulb that went off. I’m not sure the opportunity would’ve been there down the road.”

    – Cedar Crest Baseball Coach Matt Knox

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