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BY JEFF FALK HERSHEY – It’s not for everyone. It requires a certain mindset,...

BY JEFF FALK ASSUMPTION HILL – Family values. A pursuit of excellence. Nurturing tendencies....

BY JEFF FALK NEWARK, DELAWARE – The New Hampshire football coaching staff should be...

  • BY JEFF FALK ANNVILLE – You’ve really got to watch your fouls. You’ve really got to take advantage of your opportunities when they present themselves. You’ve really got to be aware of your substitutions. You’ve really got to manage the game well, together. On Wednesday night at Lou Sorrentino Gymnasium, the Lebanon Valley College women’s […]

  • BY JEFF FALK WHITEHALL – Sometimes they haven’t played well. Sometimes they’ve been out played. Other times, things simply haven’t gone their way. And while each trip has been an independent event, the state championship game certainly hasn’t been kind to Lebanon County’s top scholastic sports program. On a brisk Saturday afternoon at Whitehall High […]

  • BY JEFF FALK  HERSHEY – Is Palmyra trying to be the best team it can be, or are the Cougars trying to the best team in the state? It may be that the two cannot be separated.  On a frigid Tuesday afternoon at Milton Hershey School’s Henry Hershey Field, Palmyra booked its coveted return trip […]

  • BY JEFF FALK NEW SCHAEFFERSTOWN – Not happy with the outcome. But pleased with the effort. Not happy with the game. But pleased with the season. Not happy with the ending. But pleased with the direction. Everybody wants more. But blessed are the optimists, for they shall know contentment. On a cold Saturday afternoon at […]


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  •   “It’s just injuries and things. We’re hoping to get some kids back. We knew this was going to be part of our identity first semester. We’re hoping to get to seven (players), and then go from there. The biggest thing it changes is practice. We’ve gotten better every day in practice.”

    – Lebanon Valley Women’s Basketball Coach Amy Sokaitis
  •   “It just has not gone well for us at Whitehall. We just haven’t been able to put it together. We feel like we’ve been well prepared. The approach has been extremely similar. The goal will be to get back here.”

    – Palmyra Field Hockey Coach Kent Harshman
  •   “Sports are life. Sports are life lessons. I hope they realize that with some hard work and commitment, you can accomplish great things, in sports and in life. Hopefully they’ll be able to look back and say this was a great opportunity, and that we did well.”

    – Palmyra Boys’ Soccer Coach Jerry Hoffsmith

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  •  BY JEFF FALK  PHOTOS COURTESY OF INDIANAPOLIS COLTS  The Indianapolis Colts could take the next step in the process, improve and still not record as many wins as they did last year. That’s the nature of the business. That’s...

  •  BY JEFF FALK  If you lack the ability to shake your head and embrace the concept of ‘it is what it is’, then you’re not going to like the Lebanon County American Legion Baseball League. But all joking aside,...

  •  BY JEFF FALK   Can an athletic director make a school district’s overall athletic program better? That answer lies somewhere between a definitive ‘yes’ and a definitive ‘no’.   But if the past has taught us anything, clearly he...

  •  BY JEFF FALK  PHOTOS SUBMITTED  Charlie Middleton didn’t seek the spotlight. But that doesn’t mean he didn’t like people.  Or that he wasn’t a good coach. Or that he didn’t touch lives. Or that he didn’t make an impact....

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