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 BY JEFF FALK Eleven Mid-Penn division championships. Eleven District Three titles. Five state final...

BY JEFF FALK RED LION – No matter how many times a coach addresses...

BY JEFF FALK Consistent and persistent. Loyal and traditional. Motivated and self-confident. Frank Tavani...

  • BY JEFF FALK PALMYRA – There are really only two ways to go with goal-setting in highly competitive team sports – pursuing internal goals or pursuing external goals. This season, the Palmyra boys’ basketball team has chosen to focus more on internal goals, with the hopes that if they are attained, external goals will fall [...]

  • BY JEFF FALK FREDERICKSBURG – From the outside looking in it may appear that somewhere along the way that the Northern Lebanon girls’ basketball team gained a leader. But from within the parameters and confines of the team, the truth is the Vikings have always had two good ones sharing those responsibilities. So why, to [...]

  • BY JEFF FALK SOUTH LEBANON – A point guard. And a post player. Miss Inside. And Miss Outside. For as much as Ariel Jones and Alyssa Austin are linked to Cedar Crest girls’ basketball, they will always be linked to each other. But their relationship goes beyond just being good friends on and off the [...]

  • BY JEFF FALK ANNVILLE – Contributions from everywhere. A steady, intense effort throughout. The perfect blend of defense and offense. The Lebanon Valley College men’s basketball team has played well this season, but never better than it did last night. And the fact that it occurred during its conference opener was more than mere coincidence. [...]


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  • “In the past, we talked about goals. We just talk about being process-oriented. We want to prepare to the best of our ability everyday. We feel if we do that, it will take care of the other goals. We’ve always talked about the process and today being the most important practice of the year.”

    - Palmyra Boys’ Basketball Coach Pete Conrad
  • “Most people consider Zoe the leader because she has the ball, but I don’t think the team has felt like that in a long time. The team has known both leaders for a long time. But the other kids know there’s equal weight being lifted. There’s two different roles, but neither is more important than

    - Northern Lebanon Girls’ Basketball Coach Ken Battistelli
  • “Ariel is, without a doubt, the best player I’ve ever coached, and there’s been some decent players through here. She’s the most talented, most skilled player I’ve ever had. Alyssa’s the best post player I’ve ever coached. They’re both very skilled. One is a post player and one is a point guard.”

    - Cedar Crest Girls’ Basketball Coach Jim Donmoyer

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  •  BY JEFF FALK LEBANON – In football, everyone wants to run with the ball.  In basketball, everyone wants to shoot. In soccer, everyone wants to score goals. In baseball, everyone wants to hit. That’s the allure of the Coleman...

  •  BY JEFF FALK LANCASTER – There was a time in the early 1990s when minor league baseball went from being a mom-and-pop operation to big business. It was on the back-side of that trend that baseball was reborn in...

  • BY JEFF FALK LEBANON – One is more physical, while the other is more creative. One is more motivated by inside stimuli, while the other can be stimulated by outside sources. One’s success is easily documented, while the other’s...

  • BY JEFF FALK READING – A storied past. A promising future. An exciting present. But those are just a few of the elements which create ‘good times’ at Reading Fightin Phils games. Sure the baseball is great. But the...

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