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BY JEFF FALK He has been playing the sport all of his life. He...

(Editor’s Note: This feature on Gingrich Memorial Pool pool first appeared on Lebanon Sports...

  • BY JEFF FALK ANNVILLE – Time is a funny thing. We either have too much of it or not enough of it. For athletes, their focus is on the present, on the moment. But if that focus becomes too intense, they can lose sight of the big picture. So all of this begs the philosophical [...]

  •  BY JEFF FALK FREDERICKSBURG – It may be a bit of a cliche to say, ‘As the weather slowly heats up, so has the Northern Lebanon softball team.’ But perhaps most important for the Vikings’ success is their ability to beat the teams they’re better than, to win the games they’re supposed to win. And [...]

  • BY JEFF FALK Matriculating is a process. A student-athlete doesn’t just wake up one day and find himself matriculated. The outstanding – sometimes spectacular – three-sport scholastic career of Michigan Daub is winding down. For the most part, Daub tries not to look back or allow himself to reflect. But when he does, it is [...]

  • BY JEFF FALK PALMYRA – Baby steps. Palmyra is a softbal team which is looking to improve and whose margins for succes are thin. This was exactly the kind of game the Cougars needed to win. On a summer-like Saturday afternoon at Palmyra High School, that symbolic step forward eluded the Cougars, when they dropped [...]


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  • “This has been a great learning experience for us. There’s no way for us to go but up. If we can keep learning, we can win our league. If we can finish all of our games like we should, we’ll be where we need to be at the end of the season.”  

    - Annville-Cleona Softball Coach Nicki Starry
  • I think we’re a better team this year, no question. If we don’t make districts, I’m going to be a very disappointed guy. Had we been able to play the season that way it was scheduled, I think we could’ve gotten out of the gate quicker and been a better team.”

    - Northern Lebanon Softball Coach Ed Spittle
  • “I feel like I’ve had an exceptional career. If I would’ve been more healthy, it might’ve been even better. But I’m a ‘win’ guy. The fact that I’m going to go on and play it, and that we haven’t had as many wins in baseball, is a little upsetting.”

    - Northern Lebanon Senior Michigan Daub

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  • BY JEFF FALK SOME PHOTOS COURTESY OF PHILADELPHIA EAGLES He engineered the greatest comeback in NFL history. He once authored the greatest comeback in the history of major college football. He’s headed to his sixth Super Bowl, his second...

  •  BY JEFF FALK  PHOTOS COURTESY OF LEBANON VALLEY COLLEGE Sam Light came to Lebanon Valley College to get an education, play in front of the hometown fans and to win a championship. As he has approached those goals, Light...

  • BY JEFF FALK SOUTH LEBANON – A lot are teachers. Many are specifically physical education teachers. But not all local coaches work full-time within the school district in which they are employed. Over the years, salesmen, realtors and even...

  • BY JEFF FALK QUENTIN – Success hasn’t spoiled Derek Fisher. In fact, it has had just the opposite effect on him. Success has helped Derek Fisher mature, to become a better person, to become the man he was meant...

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