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 BY JEFF FALK Travis Thome is wise between his ears. Lyle Krall is young...

 BY JEFF FALK HUMMELSTOWN – Mark Pyles has a lot of friends around town....

 BY JEFF FALK There’s a very poignant moment in the 1992 film ‘A League...

  •  BY JEFF FALK FREDERICKSBURG – For visionaries, there’s no better feeling than seeing one’s vision come to full fruition. But when that vision exceeds even our wildest dreams, it opens up the possibility of divine intervention as an explanation. In  many ways, Earl Wenger Memorial Field in Fredericksburg has become Ron Wenger’s ‘Field of Dreams’. [...]

  • BY JEFF FALK FREDERICKSBURG – They said, ‘Go to Regionals!’ ‘You’ll have fun there,’ they said. ‘It’ll be different this time.’ ‘This team has a real chance.’ Instead of rewriting history on Sunday morning, Myerstown fell into Lebanon County’s long tradition of disappointment at the eight-team, double-elimination Region Four American Legion baseball tournament, being contested [...]

  • BY JEFF FALK FREDERICKSBURG – Represent. Reasonable. Respectable. Realistic. Regionals. Say what you want about the Fredericksburg American Legion baseball team. But there is no other participant in the eight-team, double-elimination Region Four tournament whose goals for it are as attainable and reachable. On Saturday night at Earl Wenger Memorial Field, the host team represented [...]

  • BY JEFF FALK FREDERICKSBURG – After playing downhill all summer, Myerstown spent most of its regional opener playing uphill. And although the Lebanon County representative did an admirable job of climbing, and eventually reaching the summit, it just couldn’t get over it. On Saturday evening, Myerstown dropped a wild and wooly 12-9 decision to highly-respected [...]


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  • “I’m not sure what they were ready for. They seemed pumped up at the beginning of the game. We need to get a leader on this team, sort of a ‘captainish’ type of kid. I don’t like to assign captains.”

    - Fredericksburg Skipper Jim McKinney
  • “It was a tale of two different games. Yesterday we got the hitting effort and didn’t get the pitching. Today we got the pitching effort and we didn’t get the hitting. It’s baseball. We lost the game yesterday in the ninth inning and today we lost the game in the eighth inning. ”  

    - Myerstown Head Coach Johnny Mentzer
  • “No, it’s not what I envisioned. It’s about four steps above what I envisioned. I envisioned up to the seating area behind home plate. I didn’t envision anything beyond that. Words don’t explain it. Just a lot of pride. And it’s not just me.”

    - Earl Wenger Field Founder Ron Wenger

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  • BY JEFF FALK FREDERICKSBURG – Anyone can drive. But it takes guts, a steady hand and an unwavering spirit to ride. And to be a racer? Well that requires another, almost undefinable set of skills. At Sleepy Hollow Motocross...

  •  BY JEFF FALK Imagine, if you will, a scholastic sports world in which no one was in the stands. No one attended local athletic events. Not spectators, not parents, not student bodies. No one. Would the athletes perform at...

  • BY JEFF FALK CORNWALL – Two brothers running together is a work out. But three, well now you’ve got the makings of a team, a special team, a very unique team. Introducing the Cedar Crest boys’ track and field...

  •  BY JEFF FALK We may never know the specific reasons for Todd Goclowski’s sudden ousting. And whether or not we are owed any sort of explanation really depends upon one’s agenda. But at least someone from Lebanon Valley College...

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