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BY JEFF FALK MYERSTOWN – Sometimes life and sports intersect and interact. A person’s...

 (Editor’s Note: This piece first appeared on Lebanon Sports Buzz on Nov. 14, 2014....

BY JEFF FALK  Gene ‘Spike’ Fuhrman has a certain indescribable presence about him. He...

  • Mark Pyles is living proof that we reap what we sew. Work hard enough, and it can take us anywhere. Not only has Pyles earned a starting position on the Bucknell University football team in less than two years on campus, hiis persistence and dedication have now produced an all-star nod. Earlier this week, Pyles [...]

  •  BY JEFF FALK WHITEHALL – It was the second best season and anyone in the state of Pennsylvania could’ve possibly put together. But for the Palmyra field hockey team, it just didn’t seem good enough. For the second straight year. On Saturday afternoon at Whitehall-Coplay School District’s Zephyr Sports Complex, the Cougars fell one win, [...]

  • BY JEFF FALK LEBANON – Sports are a great many things to a great many people. That’s what gives them their charm, their universal appeal. Sports are therapeutic, they have the power to heal. Sports are social and relationship building. Sports are fun and can create joy. And at their most primitive, sports are physical [...]

  • BY JEFF FALK EXETER – Twenty-seven games in, and the Palmyra field hockey team has finally gotten to the same point of the season it reached last year. Now there’s only one step left for the Cougars to take. It’s a step they weren’t able to take a season ago. On Wednesday night at Exeter [...]


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  • “It’s definitely a different feeling. Last year we got a state title. I don’t have a gold medal handing around my neck now. But it was hard to counsel our kids last year. We didn’t know how to feel. This year, I know how to counsel our kids.”  

    - Palmyra Field Hockey Coach Kristi Costello
  • “For a lot of our athletes, they don’t have things like this. It’s a physical program for them. It’s a social program for them. And it’s free. It’s something they can own. They’re very proud of their accomplishments. The physical aspect of sports is good for any body.”

    - Lebanon County Special Olympics Manager Joan Sechrist
  • “It has a lot of tournament history, a lot of community history. I’ve never been around a place with so much bowling history. And this community is rich in bowling history. I would definitely say that it’s a cornerstone in the community, a local landmark. It’s definitely one of the older businesses in Lebanon.”

    - Cedar Lanes Managing Owner Darrin Armel

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  • BY JEFF FALK Dick Shiner. Frank Reich. Kerry Collins. Brandon Kirsch. Even James Capello, Mark Pyles and Zach Kulp. Through the ages, little Lebanon County has produced more than its share of accomplished quarterbacks. And while its unfair to...

  • BY JEFF FALK ANNVILLE – It’s not like it’s something you can put on a resume. Set Annville-Cleona High School record for soccer goals in a career. It’s more like a title. Annville-Cleona All-Time Leading Goal Scorer Matt Light....

  •  BY JEFF FALK PHOTOS COURTESY OF BUCKNELL UNIVERSITY Mark Pyles doesn’t really want to hear anything about being ahead of schedule. Such rhetoric suggests limitations, preconceived notions and time constraints. All of which are the furthest things from what...

  • BY JEFF FALK If I called you a ‘beast’, you might be taken aback, insulted or hurt. Call Matt Vines a ‘beast’, and it puts a huge smile on his face. Vines is a beast in the most figurative...

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