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13 years ago
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 Lebanon Sports Buzz is Lebanon County’s fastest growing media outlet because it covers Lebanon County sports like they have never been covered before. Our number-one goal is to provide the locale with the best possible coverage that our 35 years of reporting on County sports will allow. Our second goal is to be the top media outlet in Lebanon County.

The content found on Lebanon Sports Buzz is unparalleled. It entertains and informs. It engages and causes visitors to keep coming back for more. It is just one of the reasons why www.LEBANONSPORTSBUZZ.com is Lebanon County’s local sports authority.

www.LEBANONSPORTSBUZZ.com was founded in the summer of 2011 with the idea of providing local businesses a cost-effective avenue for reaching a younger audience in the county, an alternative to traditional media outlets which have out priced their usefulness.  Since its inception, the local business community has embraced what Lebanon Sports Buzz has come to stand for, and what it is trying to accomplish.

PenAn ad on Lebanon Sports Buzz is not only a great way to help sponsor and promote County athletics, it provides a link between local viewers and local businesses’ websites, thus ensuring better SEO placement. Another thing we offer is promotion of our clients’ logo/URL/events and press releases on our social media networks on Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter, which currently numbers over 15,000 friends and connections.

Lebanon Sports Buzz is different than many other media outlets in that it is locally owned. It truly is a website about Lebanon Countians, for Lebanon Countians and by Lebanon Countians. If you are trying to reach a local audience, there is no greater concentration of Lebanon County residents than on www.LEBANONSPORTSBUZZ.com. And all advertising monies spent here stays here, in the Lebanon economy.

Lebanon Sports Buzz not only strives to serve the Lebanon community, it attempts to make a difference locally and to serve as a positive influence in the county. To learn more about Lebanon Sports Buzz dial 717-277-5280, email jkfalk2004@yahoo.com, 

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    Jeff Falk

    Publisher www.LEBANONSPORTSBUZZ.com

    Here’s what some local figures are saying about www.lebanonsportsbuzz.com:

     “You’re helping kids make memories.” – Elco head football coach Bob Miller.
      “An awesome website.” – Lebanon Daily News sportswriter Chris Fidler.
     “There are things there that you can’t get anywhere else.” – Local baseball legend Lyle Krall.
     “I really think you’re doing some great things with the web-site. I look forward to continuing to get my Lebanon county sports from this source. The various areas of information are great. Thank you for starting such a fine source for Lebanon county sports fans. – Red Land athletic director Bruce Kilmoyer, Jr.
     “Where else can you get local advertising for less than $100 per month.” – Carla Henry, Manager of Lebanon Farmers’ Market.
     “It’s good to see our athletes get the recognition they deserve and work hard for. I’ts a tough town to grow up in especially now-a-days. All of our coaches and myself deal with the development, not only on the football field, but as in normal day-to-day life. A positive motivation and character building is key for the youth athlete. Your site gives them an opportunity to share their success with a broad opinion. Lebanon sports need the support to overcome and grow. We need more of this commitment for the city’s youth to have positive futures. Thank you for your dedication to your awesome site and to the community.– Bryan Keller, Lebanon Valley Midget Football League.
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