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BY JEFF FALK It was well perceived and well conceived. It was also well...

BY JEFF FALK Photos Courtesy of Wheelchair Sports Federation There is absolutely, positively nothing...

BY JEFF FALK She woke up around 5:30, ate a small breakfast and got...

  • BY JEFF FALK For most people, ‘coach’ is a noun. But it is a word that can also be used as a salutation, a prefix or a title to show respect, similar to Mr. and Mrs., or Sir and Madam. Because once a coach, always a coach. Few people from Lebanon County have ever epitomized […]

  • BY JEFF FALK Many times, an athletic program will take on the personality – the character – of its head coach. That was certainly true of the Palmyra football program. Chris Pope always got the most out of himself. And not only did Pope always get the most out of the Palmyra football program, the […]

  • BY JEFF FALK ELIZABETHTOWN – Comfort produces cohesion. And cohesion leads to success. But it all orginates from familiarity. Right now, the members of the Lebanon Valley College women’s basketball team are getting to know each other, under fire. On Tuesday night at Elizabethtown College’s Thompson Gymnasium, the Flying Dutchmen’s underlying unfamiliarity showed, during a […]

  • BY JEFF FALK ELIZABETHTOWN – There’s something about playing with the lead, maintaining it, not relinquishing it. It’s a mental thing, a psychological boost – something that has the potential to become an emotional thing. On Tuesday evening at Thompson Gymnasium, on the campus of Elizabethtown College, the Lebanon Valley College men’s basketball team’s propensity […]


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  • “Fundamentally, he was the best. Everything was so organized. He wasn’t a guy who was rah-rah. But his teams were so prepared. I always thought that’s what differentiated him from other coaches. If you played or coached for Norb, you learned a lot. But when the game was over, the game was over.”

    – Frank Hetrick on Norbie Danz
  • “For the most part, every year that was one of our trademarks. We worked hard, tried to get better every week and re-evaluated. You can’t stop working and you’ve got to instill that mindset into your players. As coaches you have to ask yourselves, ‘Do we have them in the best possible places to succeed?’

    – Palmyra Football Coach Chris Pope
  • “I think we’re getting better all the time. I see improvement every day. It’s hard with a new coach and eight freshmen. We’ve only had 26 practices. That’s not a lot. But I like the direction we’re headed.”

    – Lebanon Valley Women’s Basketball Coach Diane Decker

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