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Molly Gundermann is some sort of ‘Big Shot’.

Not that Gundermann is better than anyone else, or that she thinks that way. It’s more of a reference to what she does on the floor, because she always seems to hit the big shot.

On Tuesday night at home, Gundermann hit the big shot in the Palmyra girls’ basketball team’s key 33-29 overtime victory over Mechanicsburg.

Gundermann’s clutch three-pointer from the top of the arc, with six seconds left in regulation, tied the game at 27 and forced ‘bonus basketball’. Once there, the senior forward dropped a ‘stop and pop’ and nailed  a charity toss, as the Cougars tallied the first three points on their way to outscoring the Wildcats 6-2 in the extra session.

Credit-UnionLoser’s of four straight, the thrilling triumph may have been just what the doctor ordered for the struggling Cougars. With the win, Palmyra improved to 2-4 on the year.

And somehow it was appropriate that it was Gundermann who did the damage. Gundermann is one of only a handful of remaining Cougars linked to Palmyra glory days – one of the most successful periods in the history of Lebanon County girls’ basketball.

– Jeff Falk

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