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Everybody knows Camyrn Shaak can hit a three-pointer. But who knew Shaak could hit a baseball – so far, so hard, so long?

Despite his sleek frame, he is able to generate power from unknown sources.

On Saturday afternoon, Shaak’s power was on display for everyone to see, during Coleman Memorial Park’s 30th annual hitting contest. Shaak captured the contest’s legion division in impressive fashion.

With his 25 swings, Shaak, a senior-to-be member of the Lebanon High School baseball club, accumulated an eye-popping 93 points, to easily out distance runner-up Elijah Blauch’s total by 36 points..

During his at-bat, Shaak swatted three balls that left the yard.

sportsbuzzOverall, it was Shaak’s seventh Coleman Memorial Hitting Contest championship.

In addition to being an accomplished hitter and pitcher for the Cedars in the spring, Shaak also competes for the Fifth Ward entry in the Lebanon County American Legion League over the summer. In the winter, Shaak is two-guard and sharp shooter for the Lebanon High boys’ basketball team.

 – Jeff Falk

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