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There is a certain science – an art, if you will – in getting a pitch to hit. It requires a selective eye, patience and repetitive experience.

They say of the the three strikes that a batter is allotted, the pitcher gets one, the umpire gets one and the hitter gets one.

But a hitter also has to know what to do with it when he gets it.

On Monday at Palmyra High School’s OAL Sports Complex, Thomas Ziegler got two pitches to hit, and both times he knew what to do with them. Those swings he put on hittable pitches helped propel Palmyra to a 15-0 victory over C.D. East.

In the opening inning, Ziegler’s booming triple with the bases loaded scored three Cougar teammates and helped stake Palmyra to an early 3-0 advantage. Then in the bottom of the third inning, Ziegler helped apply the finishing touches to the mercy-rule triumph by stroking a two-run single.

The win was an important one on a couple of fronts. Not only was it Palmyra’s first of the season, it was also the Cougars’ at their recently renovated home field.

It may have also been a precursor of things to come for Palmyra.

  • Jeff Falk

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