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9 years ago
The Thomes Make Maine Home


  The Thomes have nothing against the eastern portion of Lebanon County. Shoot, they both grew up there.

 They just wanted to inject a little adventure into their new lives together.

 Upon their graduation from college, high-school sweethearts Travis Thome and the former Amy Achey, both athletes at Elco, tied the knot, got hitched, were married. But when it came time for the newlyweds to establish a home together they didn’t choose Schaefferstown, Myerstown, Newmanstown or Richland for their residence.

 They went north. About 10 hours north. To Bangor, Maine.

 “After my wife and I got married,” explained Travis Thome, “we just decided to try something different for a while. Her family had vacationed here and she knew the area.”

 So they picked up and moved to Bangor, where Travis Thome landed a job as the head baseball coach at Eastern Maine Community College. Another benefit of living in Bangor is that it allows the Thomes to follow first-hand the college-football playing career of Amy’s brother, Arron.

 Arron Achey, also an Elco graduate,  is a 6-1, 215-pound linebacker for Division One Maine University, which is located in Orno, about 15 minutes from Bangor.


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