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12 years ago
Southpaw or Righty? Shirk Does Both


PALMYRA – When it comes to rolling a bowling ball, Scott Shirk is ambidextrious. Call it an occupational hazard.

 Shirk, Palmyra Bowling’s in-house teaching professional, has been certified to instruct aspiring bowlers by the American Bowling Congress. Fifteen years ago, when Shirk was going through his certification training, one of the requirements was to learn to throw with either hand.

 That way, instructors are prepared to handle students who bowl left-handed or right-handed, as well as the fine nuances that come with each side of the lane.

 “To become a bowling instructor, I had to be certified,” said Shirk. “You had to go through a course and one of the things you had to do was learn to throw with your opposite hand. So when you’re instructing people you know what they have to go through and you know their releases.”

 Shirk said there are about a dozen other certified bowling instructors in Lebanon County who had to go through the same training.

 “I’m going to say that there are maybe, approximately, 12 certified bowling instructors in Lebanon County,” said Shirk. “Most of them coach junior leagues. You have certain coaches that are associated with certain lanes. And some just coach high school teams.”


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