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13 years ago
To Bee? Or not to Bee? There Really is No Question!

From Sam Bowie to the 1995 Lebanon Catholic girls. From Dick Shiner to Jared Odrick. From Lyle Krall to Derek Fisher.

Lebanon County athletics boasts a proud and storied history of success. And with one eye on the past, welcome to the future of sports coverage in Lebanon County.

WWW.lebanonsportsbuzz.com will revolutionize how enthusiasts come to think of local sports. While final scores and the bottom line will remain important, www.lebanonsportsbuzz.com will emphasize the stories behind the score, the human side of athletics and ultimately, the big picture.

The goal of www.lebanonsportsbuzz.com is to inform in an entertaining fashion. But this website also seeks to evolve into a source – a resource, if you will – for all things related to Lebanon County sports.

Enjoy exploring what it means to be involved in sports, and a resident of Lebanon County.

Jeff Falk,

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