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Sunday, August 18th, 2019

Lebanon County Better-Ball-of-Partners Golf

 BY JEFF FALK  NORTH LEBANON – Some say the most formative lessons come from losing. But there is also a lot be gleaned from winning.  And winning through adversity, well that might be the best teacher of them all.  If the goal was a championship and to teach Ryan Woelfling a few lessons that can’t

Saturday, August 17th, 2019

Brown Stays Hot, Woelfling Feeds off Energy

 BY JEFF FALK  NORTH LEBANON – Not sure if Dan Brown is just a really good partner or simply knows how to pick one. But right now, every putt he’s stroking is going in, every drive he’s...

Friday, August 16th, 2019

Hard Act to Follow: What Will Reich’s Colts Do for Encore?

 BY JEFF FALK  PHOTOS COURTESY OF INDIANAPOLIS COLTS  The Indianapolis Colts could take the next step in the process, improve and still not record as many wins as they did last year. That’s the nature of the...

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