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12 years ago
Who’s On Deck for Little Dutchmen?

(Editor’s note: This piece was originally posted in early June, days after Mike Capriotti stepped down as the head baseball coach at Annville-Cleona. On Monday, July 9, Shyda was hired as Capriotti’s successor.) 




  Is Scott Shyda in line to be the next head baseball coach at Annville-Cleona High School? No one really knows for sure. Not yet.

Here’s what we do know: Shyda is qualified, he’s motivated and we should find out soon.

Contacted recently, Shyda confirmed that he has interest in the Little Dutchman position that Mike Capriotti vacated with his resignation in May, and that he has sent a letter of interest to the school district. He said he preferred not to comment on the position at this time, because he didn’t want anything to jeopardize his chances of getting the job.

“I think he does have interest,” said Capriotti of Shyda. “And yes, I’d like to see him get it. I think he deserves a fair shot at it. He’s paid his dues. But his personality is different than mine.”

Capriotti is very traditional and loyal. For 24 of of his 31 years as the head coach at Annville-Cleona, Shyda was his pitching coach and bench coach.

Shyda pitched at Messiah during his playing days. He has taught math at Annville-Cleoan for the past 24 years as well.

“What a man,” said Capriotti of Shyda. “No coach could ask for a better assistant. Every year he’s been with me he’s called pitches. He’s my first-base coach and he deals with the pitchers and catchers. We’re like night and day. He’s calm and I’m the fiery one. But we’re constantly talking about baseball.”

Reportedly there are at least two other applicants who have shown interest in the position. The deadline for letters of interest was this week, the interview process should commence in the next week or so and a recommedation could be presented to the Annville-Cleona school board by the end of July.

“I asked to be on the (search) committee, but I was denied,” said Capriotti. “But my opinion will be listened to.”


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