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12 years ago
Where Did Lebanon’s Athletic Programs Go?

Editor’s Note: This piece was written by Lebanon High School student Devin Padillas and originally appeared in the school district’s student-run newspaper The Cedar Times. It was reprinted with permission.


Over the past couple of years, I have noticed that Lebanon’s sports program has fallen down hill.

Lebanon went from having a lot of students going out for sports to barely having enough people to even try out for the team.

“I think it is dumb because people are lazy and do not have interest,” said sophomore, Kumar Persaud.

There is an abundance of athletic kids in the school, but no one wants to try out for any of the teams because they do not have the mindset to be good at a sport. Nowadays, these students seem to not care for school or sports, and it is making a really big impact on the school.

“The sports teams are not as good as they should be because kids are not willing to work [during] the off-season,” said sophomore, Mark Pyles.

Another reason why these students are probably not trying out for any sports are because of their grades. There are a large number of students in Lebanon who are failing a class or two and because of this, it is causing them not to play a sport.

“Kids who are good at the sport and/or sports they play end up quitting because they do not like the coaches,” said sophomore Collin Wathen. This actually does make a lot of sense.

There are a lot of students who are good at a sport but do not like their coaches; the result is they end up not playing the sport, and the team suffers by not having that leading figure on their side.

Lebanon could possibly be one of the best athletic schools in the area, but no one goes out for the team or gives an effort to be good at a sport or even try out. It is a real shame.

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