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There are no sure bets in horse racing. But if one is looking for a pretty good bet, place your money on Kaylia Albright.

As a jockey at Penn National Race Course in Grantville, Albright is enjoying an absolutely marvelous racing season. Last week was simply a microcosm of that season.

In 638 starts in 2013, Albright, a 2009 graduate of Northern Lebanon High School, has won 88 races, captured the runner-up spot 90 times and taken third-place another 90 times. What that means percentage wise is that Albright-piloted horses have been in the money 42 percent of the time.

Currently, the 22-year-old Albright is ranked sixth among jockeys at Penn National. The horses she has ridden have earned $1,661,917 in prize money.

It may very well be that horse racing courses through Albright’s veins. A third-generation horse person, Kaylia hails from Penn National’s famous Albright family.

LFCU_Sponsor logoBefore her, Kaylia’s mother, father, uncle and grandparents were all actively involved with the sport.

– Jeff Falk

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