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Growing up in the eastern portion of Lebanon County, Colton Lawrence loved basketball. As a teenager, he led the Elco boys’ basketball program to some of its most successful seasons.

Now, Lawrence is a full-grown adult. But his love for the game is something that certainly hasn’t waned.

This weekend, during the 14th annual staging of the Sweep The Streets hardcourt tournament, Lawrence’s continued passion for basketball has been on full display. The former Raider has helped put Off Road Motor Sports, an outfit made up of former Lancaster-Lebanon League standouts, in a great position to play for the championship.

With outstanding leaping ability, an accurate shooting eye and an uncanny feel for the game, Lawrence has apparently lost nothing from his scholastic playing days at Elco. In fact, Lawrence is as accomplished a player as he’s ever been.

The wildly popular Sweep The Streets event has also played a role in Lawrence’s development as a hoopster. This year marked the tenth year in which Lawrence has competed in the tournament.

So, you can take the boy out of the game. But you can never take the game out of the boy.

  • Jeff Falk

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