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There’s an old baseball adage that says the best way to build a team is to be strong up the middle – catcher, pitcher, shortstop, center-fielder. Well apparently, the best way to rebuild a softball program is from the pitcher’s circle.

At least that’s the approach that the Palmyra softball team has taken this spring.

Currently, the Cougars are in the midst of an amazing turn-around, going from also-rans to playoff contenders. And the key to the metamorphosis has been the Cougars’ pitching.

Sophomore hurler Cat Wicker has led the charge in Palm-town. The emergence of Wicker has simply allowed Palmyra to be a better team all-around.

Although Wicker is still improving, it’s been her consistency on the mound that has kept Palmyra in games and allowed them to be more competitive. Wicker will improve on her velocity as she matures and will certainly be a force to be reckoned with in coming years.

But right now, Wicker’s effectiveness revolves around putting the ball in play, allowing her defense to work for her and cutting down on her free passes.

– Jeff Falk

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