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13 years ago
Vikings are Hot, But They Don’t Smoke

When it comes to rules, there are two kinds of people. Those who don’t know them, and those who do and choose to ignore them.
On Friday night at Fred Gahres Stadium, something quite unusual occurred on the Vikings’ home side of the stands. Someone lit up.
The distincit smell of cigarette smoke could be detected on the entire West side of the field late in the second quarter, the odor reaching as high as the press box. When the Northern Lebanon public address announcer became aware of the situation, Viking athletic director Rob Snyder was summoned.
Snyder located the offender, read the person the riot act and no further action was necessary.
Like most school districts in the area, Northern Lebanon is a smoke-free campus.
Of course, there was a time back in the day when cigarette smoking was more widely accepted in our society. But now, those days seem like such a long time ago.

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