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13 years ago
The Place to Score is In The Net

PALMYRA – Before, it was the Lebanon YMCA. Then, it was Lebanon Valley College’s Arnold Sports Center.

Now, the premiere sports facility in Lebanon County is In The Net sports complex in Palmyra.

Located on Airport Road on 20 acres of the Flight Path Business Park, In The Net possesses the capabilities to host a wide array of sports and a wide variety of athletes. With its mostly artificial-surfaced fields and indoor-outdoor venues, sports at In The Net are played in every type of weather.

“Our goal is to be supportive of our local schools and teams,” said Sue Errichetti, In The Net’s general manager. “We want the facility to grow. We want the kids to come here and play. We go above and beyond the call of duty for the coaches, so they’re willing to play instead of playing for free.”

There's always somethng going onIn The Net has come along way since its current owner purchased the property six years ago. Since then, the sports complex has added three baseball and softball fields.

Two years ago, On The Ice, which goes by the name of Klick-Lewis Arena, was added for ice hockey and figure skating.

“I’d like to see the place filled seven days a week,” said Errichetti. “We’ve grown it a lot. I’d like to see kids on the fields Monday through Sunday, and all the fields full. Right now, we’re in the process of maybe building an indoor tennis facility on the grounds.”

In addition to baseball, softball and the ice sports, In TheNet can stage field hockey, soccer, lacrosse, football, flag football, even ultimate frisbee contests.
“They like baseball,” said Errichetti. “They love playing on the artificial surface and they like playing under the lights. When they come here, they know the field are well-kept.”

In The Net is home to instructional camps, leagues and competitive tournaments. It has also been home to the Palmyra soccer and field hockey teams, the Lebanon Catholic soccer teams, Hershey High’s lacrosse teams and theLebanon Valley College field hockey team.
“Actually, I think all of the sports are tyring to come here,” said Errichetti. “I think it’s the condition of the fields that attracts them. They can play on turf here. If you practice on grass when it rains, it can tear up the field.”

Errichetti wouldn’t even venture a guess as to how many athletes pass through In The Net’s doors in a year’s time.

“Thousands,” said Errichetti. “I’d say like 4,000 kids throughout the year, if not more. We have a lacrosse tournament next weekend with 130 teams, so there’s thousands of people who will come here.”

Everybody loves playing on turf

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