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12 years ago
Senior Takes Down Competition

Editor’s note: The following piece was wrtitten by two Cedar Crest High School mass media one students. It appeared in CCHS’ Feb. 8th edition of The Talon. It has been reprinted by permission.

By Maddie Smith & Destiny Rodriroquez
For the first time since 2009 a wrestler has returned from the Lancaster-Lebanon League tournament as a champion.
Senior Cody Lloyd came in first place in the 152-pound weight class.
With about 22 schools participating in this two-day tournament, it is a test of dedication and hard work throughout the season.
“I knew going into the tournament that I had a chance against my opponents,” said Lloyd. “I had wrestled many of them before, and had beat them so I was pretty confident in my ability to win.”
The tournament was set up similar to the March Madness bracket. It consisted of 16 wrestlers with Lloyd ranked first and projected to win.
The more matches won results in more time between matches. After a wrestler loses, they fall to the lower end of the bracket and their matches are one after another.
Lloyld only had to wrestle four matches in the tournament. His first was against Manheim Central, where he pinned his opponent in 1:38.
The second match was against Columbia, won by a mercy rule in 5:38. The third match was against Garden Spot and was won 3-1. The opponent only scored a point due to a stall call.
The final match was against Solanco 1-0, with no points or penalties called.
“He works the hardest in practices,” said coach Barry Spohn. “He definitely has a lot of dedication and love for the sport, I knew he was one to watch when I met him freshman year.”
To prepare for the tournament, Lloyd reviewed his previously taped matches. Many of which he wrestled at the tournament.
“Reviewing the tapes helps me prepare mentally,” said Lloyd. “It’s important to be prepared physically but it is equally important to be prepared mentally.”
For many of the wrestlers, including Lloyd, their diets during wrestling season changes dramatically. In order to maintain their weight they cut down on water and food drastically.
“For my weigh-in, I’ll cut my weight by only eating two eggs for breakfast and a Cliff bar for lunch,” said Lloyd. “Then, the day of the match, I eat 12-14 ounces of lasagna.”
Lloyd has been wrestling since he was three years old. When his family moved to the Lebanon area he took a short break from the sport, but rekindled his passion in fifth grade. This will be his eighth consecutive year of wrestling for the district.
While Lloyd has no plans of continuing wrestling in college he does plan on coaching a at a high school level in the future.
“He definitely deserved to win,” said Falcon senior Mike Fiore. “He works the hardest, and has a lot of passion for wrestling.”

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