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13 years ago
Prescott Becomes ‘The Lutz Family’ Field

The Lutz family will always be indelibly linked to the Prescott softball field. That is a fact that not even time has the power to change.
So it is quite appropriate that the diamond now bears the Lutz surname.
Recently, Prescott Field, which is located in South Lebanon township, was formerly renamed ‘The Lutz Family Field’. Since its founding more thatn 40 years ago, a Lutz has been connected to Prescott in one form or another – as a player, a coach or simply a groundskeeper.
The driving force behind the appropriate change was Brad Miller, president of the Lebanon County Girls Fast-pitch League.
“We tried to keep the history there,” said Miller, “but we wanted to dedicate the field to the Lutz Family because they had done so much for it. It seemed like the right thing to do. When we proposed it, everybody seemed to be in agreement.”
Prescott Field is still home to local softballAt one time or another, Hal, Barry, Lee, Irv, Clint and Andrew, or two generations of the Lutzes, have been associated with Prescott.
“From its inception, there was a Lutz playing on that field or taking care of that field,” said Miller, “up until a few years ago.”
Officially, Prescott became ‘The Lutz Family’ Field during a ceremony on June 26, 2010. A sign, which faces Prescott Road and commemorates the event, was hung in July of this year.
County Vipers Fast-pitch Softball Association now takes care of the upkeep of the field.
“Irv Lutz ran the field from its inception, but needed to give it up for health reasons,” said Miller. “He came to me and said, ‘Would you like to take it over?’ It’s a blessing because otherwise we wouldn’t have a place to practice.”
In addition to the Vipers practicing on the field three times a week during the summer, The Lutz Family Field is also home to a local men’s church league in season.
The old Prescott Field is steeped in tradition and one of the most historic existing diamonds in Lebanon County. At the height of the popularity of men’s fast-pitch softball – which Lebanon County served as a hot bed – Prescott Field played host to such iconic teams as South Lebanon, Jolly Molly and Country House, just to name a few.

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