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12 years ago
McKinney Walks Softly, Carries Big Stick


 As a reporter, yours truly has a pretty good repoire with the local coaching fraternity. And when this reporter runs into a road block, he falls back on those relationships and trust the judgement of coaches.

 So it was with Northern Lebanon head baseball coach Daryl Hess after a recent playoff game. To place a players’ perspective on the Vikings’ disappointing loss to Hempfield in the Lancaster-Lebanon League postseason, a senior leader was sought.

 img_5934Much to this reporter’s surprise, Hess suggested that shortstop Jon McKinney be interviewed. Now McKinney is a good kid and an even better player, but he always seemed quiet and reserved. Not much of a rah-rah guy.

 But turns out McKinney employs a different style of leadership. He goes about his business in a quiet and confident mannter, and leads by example.

 “I’d like to see myself as a leader,” said McKinney. “I try to get the kids going. I just go out there with enthusiasm and try to get things going.”

 And when McKinney does speak, his teammates listen.

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