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LEBANON – The alarm went off way too early, just like it usually does.

A few morning hours passed, before he was competing in his first time trial of the day. Minutes later, he would sprint to victory in that particular event, the 100-meter dash.

Then it was on to the long jump, where he was seeded first. But before he could complete his competition there, it was time to anchor Annville-Cleona’s 400-meter relay team.

Jumping down from the medal podium, he raced back over to the long-jump runway. But there was still the matter of the 200-meter dash, for which he had enough energy remaining to smoke his competition.

When it was all said and done, he was understandably winded and tired. But it was a good tired.

IMG_8234It was one of those days for Stanley Miller at Saturday’s annual Lebanon County Track and Field Championships, which was contested under sunny skies at Lebanon High School.

And it was another one of those days for the Cedar Crest thinclads.

Miller, the Little Dutchmen’s senior sprinter, was voted the Outstanding Male Athlete at the county’s premiere scholastic sporting event. And the Falcon boys extended their Lebanon County record of T&F team championships to an amazing 21 in-a-row.

Cedar Crest collected a total of 157 team points to top rival Palmyra’s 139. The host Cedars were third, while Miller and Annville-Cleona were fourth, followed by Elco and Northern Lebanon.

“It’s older than some of these guys have been alive,” said Cedar Crest head coach Rob Bare, of what has become affectionately known locally as ‘The Streak.’ “Now we’re starting a new decade. It’s a great accomplishment. We’re going to enjoy this one.

IMG_8270“We have six captains,” continued Bare. “But we have guys stepping up all over the place. It’s a special group of young men.”

“It’s really important to me,” said Miller of the Outstanding Athlete award. “Of all the years I’ve had success, this award proves to me that I’m the best I could be. I showed my coaches I could do it. Since the beginning of the season, it was one of my goals.

“The 100 is my favorite event, hands down,” Miller continued. “It’s like putting a bunch of cars together and telling them, ‘Go as fast as you can’. I like going all out. In the 200 I go a little easier, then when I hit the 100-meter mark, I go into ‘all out’ mode.”

Miller gave everything he had, all day long.

He edged Falcon Chris Rios by .18 seconds to finish first in the 100 dash. In the 200 meters, Miller turned on the jets to push past Lebanon’s De’Undre Andrews, 23.37 seconds to 24.18.

Miller eventually won the long jump, by two inches over Nick Morder of Palmyra, with an effort of 20-3. His only regret was that he couldn’t make up a deficit given to him by his teammates in the 400-meter relay event, and Annville-Cleona fell to the Lebanon team of Christian Manzolillo, Hari Hallen, Andrews and Juan Maldonado.

“I would do one or two jumps and then go back and do finals,” said Miller of the long jump. “I probably did that five or six times. I barely got two consecutive jumps in. I like to see where I’m at. If I’m in second or third, I’ll cruise into the finals.

“It’s funny,” added Miller. “We start out with a plan in our heads. But when  you get here and you hear the crowd, you want to give it your all and win. I wanted to make sure it was a good show for them. I wanted to win as many events as I could. But it was a very successful day.”

“Stanley had a very good day,” said Bare. “I voted for him for Outstanding Athlete. He’s a great athlete. He’s got great speed. He’s a fantastic jumper. And he’s a great kid.”

IMG_8354Cedar Crest emerged with first-place finishes in just five of the 18 events. But two of those wins came in relays, and the Falcons compiled enough seconds and thirds to extend their domination.

Falcon Nick Blandy was the top finisher in the 400-meter dash, while teammate Tyler Eisehauer bested Elco’s Elijah Herb to win the 110 high hurdles. In the field, Cedar Crest senior Tanner Miller turned in a 175-10 effort to cop the javelin.

Blandy teammed with Adam Loehr, William Sheffield and Adam Wolfe to posted a winning time of 3:36.92 in the four-by-four. The Falcons also claimed the top spot in the 3200-meter relay.

“We might not have the guys who can win all those events,” said Bare. “But in dual meets, we have guys who can get seconds and thirds. Some of my favorite words are ‘heart’, ‘desire’ and ‘Falcon pride.’

“Year in and year out, we want to be competitive in Lebanon County,” added Bare. “There’s been some great, great battles over the years.”

Palmyra’s Garrett Miller triumphed into two throwing events, the shot, with a heave of 46-2, and the discus, with a throw of 133-7. The Cougars received stellar distance outings from Matt Carroll, who won the 1600-meter run in 4:29.44, and Jakolby Fackler and Zach Toth, who went one-two in the 3200-meters.

IMG_8394On their home turf, the Cedars were well represented by Maldonado. Maldonado skied to victory in the high jump with a leap of 5-10, and used a 43-7.5 to edge runner-up Christian Trader of Northern Lebanon for a win in the triple jump.

Lebanon’s Riley Klick took the checkered flag in the 800-meter race, nearly five seconds ahead of his competition.

Grant Brubaker of Elco was crowned Lebanon County’s king of 300 meter hurdles, while Raider teammate Jared Weaver took top honors in the pole vault by clearing 12-0.








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Annual Lebanon County Track and Field Championships

 (at Lebanon High School)

Boys’ Results

Team Scores:  Cedar Crest 157, Palmyra 13, Lebanon High 90, Annville-Cleona 68, Elco 50, Northern Lebanon 40

100 dash: 1. Stanley Miller (Annville-Cleona) 11.28, 2. Chris Rios (CC) 11.46, 3. De’Undre Andrews (L) 11.49, 4. Jepel Gibbs (CC) 11.53, 5. Christian Trader (NL) 11.79, 6. Nick Morder (P) 11.96

200 dash: 1. Stanley Miller (AC) 23.37, 2. De’Under Andrews (L) 24.18, 3. Chris Rios (CC) 24.18, 4. Nick Morder (P) 24.27, 5. Aidan Sullivan (CC) 24.40, 6. Hari Allen (L) 24.63

400 dash: Nick Blandy (CC) 53.31, 2. Lucas Richardson (P) 53.86, 3. Romeo Varela (AC) 54.06, 4. William Malawi (CC) 54.13, 5. Connor Soderstedt (P) 54.41, 6. Jahlil Young (L) 54.89

800 run: 1. Riley Klick (L) 2:00.50, 2. DJ Laliberte (CC) 2:05.43, 3. Nate Shutter (CC) 2:06.42, 4. Matt Carroll (P) 2:07.59, 5. Derek Wadas (P) 2:12.17, 6. Mathew Tinto (NL) 2:13.80

1600: 1. Matt Carroll (P) 4:29.44, 2. Adam Wolfe (CC) 4:30.41, 3. Jakolby Fackler (P) 4:36.96, 4. Evan Blymier (L) 4:40.02. 5. Gage Krall (NL) 4:42.39, 6. Ryan Scicchitano (CC) 4:44.72

3200: 1. Jakolby Fackler (P) 10:10.65, 2. Zach Toth (P) 10:13.27, 3. Evan Blymier (L) 10:15.27, 4. Josh Rudd (CC) 10:28.26, 5. Jordan Berger (NL) 10:39.05

110 hurdles: 1. Tyler Eisenhauer (CC) 15..50, 2. Elijah Herb (E) 15.92, 3. Alex Miller (CC) 16.38, 4. Grant Brubaker (CC) 16.66, 5. Zakee Sailsman (L) 18.25, 6. Dante DiAngelis (NL) 18.28

IMG_8362300 hurdles: 1. Grant Brubaker (E) 41.88, 2. Nick Blandy (CC) 42.44, 3. Greg Onisa (E) 43.16, 4. Gekye Hampton (CC) 43.86, 5. Luke Wenger (P) 44.29, 6. Luis Aquino-Rios (L) 45.94

400 relay: 1. Lebanon 45.15, 2. Annville-Cleona 45.32, 3. Palmyra, 45.39, 4. Elco 47.35, 5. Cedar Crest DQ

1600 relay: 1. Cedar Crest 3:36.92, 2. Palmyra 3:39.99, 3. Lebanon 3:41.99, 4. Elco 3:42.66, 5. Annville-Cleona 3:45.90

3200 relay: 1. Cedar Crest 8:36.08, 2. Palmyra 8:42.70, 3. Elco 8:48.73, 4. Northern Lebanon 8:57.21. 5. Annville-Cleona 9:31.70, 6. Lebanon 9:55.67

High jump: 1. Juan Maldonado (L) 5-10, 2. Tyler Eisenhauer (CC) 5-8, 3. Luis Aquino-Rios (L) 5-4, 4. Adam Loehr (CC) 5-4, 5. MIchael Bieschkie (NL) 5-2, 6. Ben Wolfe (P) 5-2

Pole Vault: 1. Jared Weaver (E) 12-0, 2. Dante DiAngelis (NL) 11-6, 3. Neil Waldhausen (AC) 11-6, 4. Zachary Machinga (P) 11-0, 5. De’Undre Andrews (L) 11-0, 6. Hunter Dorn (P) 11-0

Long jump: 1. Stanley Miller (AC) 20-3, 2. Nick Morder (P) 20-1, 3. Christian Trader (NL) 19-9 3/4, 4. Ben Wolfe (P) 19-1 1/2, 5. Essay Santos (CC) 19- 3/4, 6. Luis Aquino-Rios (L) 18-6 1/2

IMG_8492Triple jump: 1. Juan Maldonado (L) 43-7 1/2, 2. Christian Trader (NL) 43-4 3/4, 3. Ben Wolfe (P) 40-11, 4. Jahlil Young (L) 40-2 1/2, 5. Kendell Shand (CC) 39-6, 6. Ethan Fortuna (AC) 38-4

Shot put: 1. Garrett Miller (P) 46-2, 2. TJ Moore (CC) 43-8 3/4, 3. Eric Wawrzyniak (CC) 43- 1 3/4, 4. Nathan Kreider (P) 42-6, 5. Keiano Stephens (L) 41-4 1/4, 6. Gabe Calini 41 -3/4

Discus: 1. Garrett Miller (P) 133-7, 2. Noah Myers (AC) 130-3, 3. Eric Wawrzyniak (CC) 127-6, 4. Nathan Kreider (P) 125-5, 5. Dylan Lambrecht (NL) 123-8, 6. Nicholas Goodyear (NL) 120-1

Javelin: 1. Tanner Miller (CC) 175-10, 2. Hunter Dorn (P) 170-4, 3. Brenden Nauman (E) 150-7, 4. Evan Heilman (AC) 147-7, 5. Brock Eisenhauer (CC) 137-4, 6. Noah Myers (AC) 136-1.














Lebanon County Track and Field Championship Records      
100m Dash 12.0 Leslie Hummer Annville-Cleona 1985
10.4 Greg Miller Palmyra 1999
200m Dash 25.1 Reagan Hess Annville-Cleona 2016
21.4 Greg Miller Palmyra 1999
400m Dash 57.5 Sue Wolfe Annville-Cleona 1987
49.0 Jeronimo Rodriguez 2015
800m Run 2:17.4 Kayleigh Perry ELCO 2010
1:54.3 Derin Klick Lebanon 2016
1600m Run  5:08.8 Kayleigh Perry ELCO 2009
4:19.4 Drew Gerberich ELCO
3200m Run 11:13.8 Stacy Stoner Northern Lebanon 1995
9:40.1 Connor Strynkowski Palmyra 2011
100m Hurdles 15.3 Shannon Kalnoski Cedar Crest 1992
110m Hurdles 14.4 Matt Deysher Cedar Crest 2011
IMG_8334300m Hurdles 45.9 Joy Buckwalter Palmyra 1989
39.1 Chris Bradley Cedar Crest 2010
400m Relay 49.5 DeAsia Holloman, Hannah McCurdy, Arile Jones, Destinee Holloman, Cedar Crest 2017
 43.1 Peter Groff, Damon Edwards, Cedar Crest 2014 Jarred Brandt, Denzel Pierre
1600m Relay 4:06.8 Maria Tukis, Jess Dembrowski, Palmyra 2014 Miranda Salvo, Katie Dembrowski
3:24.7 Chris Coleman, Alex Galli, Cedar Crest 2011 Shaun Ditzler, Mychal Robinson
3200m Relay 10:01.6 Erin Frey, Angie Paliometros, Lebanon 1995
Shelby Margut, Jess Lentz
8:00.4 Chad Bomgardner, Jordan Cruise Cedar Crest 2013 Jared Glosser, Willie Bragg
Shot Put 40-10 Becky Eisenhower Cedar Crest 2004
61-1.25 Jeremy Silverman Annville-Cleona 2001
Discus 134-10 Hannah Woelfling Cedar Crest 2018
161-10 Jeremy Silverman Annville-Cleona 2001
Javelin 133-9 Meghan Briggs Palmyra 2006, Kirstin West Palmyra 2018
203-9 Thomas Jordan Cedar Crest 2003
Long Jump 19-1.5 Reagan Hess Annville-Cleona 2017
22-2.75 Pete Habegger Cedar Crest 2003
Triple Jump 37-3 Ariel Jones, Cedar Crest 2017
IMG_851745-2.5 Mike Wagner Annville-Cleona 1980
High Jump 5-7.5 Ariel Jones, Cedar Crest 2017
5-6 Kim Snyder Palmyra 1988
6-6 Dana Hollinger Cedar Crest 1979
6-6 Andrew Batula Annville-Cleona 2008
Pole Vault 12-1 Erin Winters, Lebanon 2014
14-9.5 Darryl Miller Northern Lebanon 1979

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