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13 years ago
Lebanon Advertising and Marketing

How do you wanted to be viewed by your neighbors? How do you want your business to be portrayed in our community?

We at Lebanon Advertising and Marketing can help you identify your target audience, and then nail the bulls-eye.

A full service agency, Lebanon Advertising and Marketing is dedicated to networking, making advertising affordable and causing the Lebanon County business community to become stronger through the power of many. We believe in the importance of doing business locally and keeping Lebanon $$$ in Lebanon.

We feature media placement that allows our colleagues and clients to reach their Lebanon County neighbors of all ages, through a wide range of local outlets.

Lebanon Sports Buzz, which now offers the capabilities of broadcasting commercials, info-commercials and video business features, reaches Lebanon County residents who are young, active, upwardly mobile and affluent. The people who are visiting Lebanon County’s fastest growing media outlet are coaches, teachers, parents, athletes, students, aunts, uncles, grandparents and fans.

Lebanon Advertising and Marketing has entered into business working relationships with local media outlets, The Fishwrapper, The Hummelstown Sun, radio station WWSM 1510 AM, www.lebanon.macaronikid.com, www.palmyrapa.com, www.visitlebanoncounty.com, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) expert ydop Internet Marketing, 50-plus Senior News, Lebanon County Resource Directory for the Caregiver, Aging and Disabled, Business Woman magazine and b Magazine.  We possess the capabilities of directing your message through those specific outlets or by combining them in low-cost advertising bundles.

But the service we specialize in is content production – the written word, business features, snappy catch phrases, compelling headlines, engaging photography and moving videos. It is content which can be employed on your website, your facebook page, your linkedin account or through your twitter account.

We also have the ability to create intriguing insert fliers, email blasts and pamphlets. And when was the last time the content on your website was updated?

In addition we can construct college recruiting videos – with or without narration – for aspiring student-athletes, or provide moving memorial tributes for passed-on loved ones.

Also, inquire about our non-profit rates and our tithing direction. To set up a consultation or for more information, dial 717-949-3096 or via email: jkfalk2004@yahoo.com.

We create curiosity at Lebanon Advertising and Marketing, and then satisfy it!



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