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13 years ago
Henning Is Good at Whatever He Sets His Mind to

Josh Henning may be a man for all seasons. But what is his favorite time of the year?
The versatile Henning, who recently was named the Most Valuable Player at the Northern Lebanon Holiday Boys’ Basketball Tournament, excels in all three sports in which he competes – basketball, football and baseball. The 5-10 senior guard has certainly elevated the level of his play on the hardwood, after a fall season in which he starred for the Little Dutchmen football team as a wide receiver and defensive back.
“I would say I like baseball the most,” said Henning, speaking rather confidently while clad in only a bath towel, “then basketball, then football. I just like playing with my teammates. It’s fun to do all three.”
Despite the demands of playing three sports, Henning has made time to get into the weight room and work on his basketball fundamentals. On the floor, he is clearly more confident, stronger and polished.
“I think my shot got a lot better,” said Henning. “I worked with my feet a lot over the summer. I improved by just doing basketball drills.”
And with his favorite endeavor still pending in the spring, it might be that we haven’t yet seen the best of Henning. As a shortstop and pitcher, Henning is expected to be a driving force behind the Little Dutchmen baseball team.

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