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MYERSTOWN –Anchored by a heavyweight, the Elco wrestling team enters the new year on the rise after a flawless finish to 2014.

The Raiders handed out a holiday smackdown at their 12th annual team tournament by posting a 6-0 record in an eight-team battle royal Tuesday at Elco High School.

The hosts handled Daniel Boone, East Pennsboro, Susquehannock and York Tech, in addition to turning away county foes Lebanon and Palmyra in the all-day affair. Schuylkill Haven and Conrad Weiser, which did not square off against the Raiders, both finished with 4-1 overall team marks.

It was a pretty good day,” Elco head coach Chad Miller said. “Our young kids are doing enough to put the onus on the older kids, and they’re coming through.”

Senior Wes Bankus, the county’s reigning heavyweight champion, coasted to victory in all five of his matches. The 285-pounder picked up three quick pinfall victories – needing 30, 46 and 50 seconds – and tacked on a pair of forfeit wins.

He’s bigger and more experienced than everybody,” said Miller. “(Bankus) and (Ryan) Rolon have won all their dual meets. Those two are the guys that have been doing really well.”

Rolon, a junior, ran roughshod on the way to a 5-0 mark Tuesday in the 182-pound weight class with three decision victories, a pinfall and a forfeit. He outscored his opposition by a combined 18-7 and defeated Lebanon’s Angel Borges in 2:34.

Sophomore Shawn Price also put together a flawless tournament for Elco with a 5-0 mark in the 120-pound weight class. Price pinned two of his opponents, picked up two forfeits and added a decision victory.

It was a great tournament,” added Bankus, who placed ninth in the state’s AA field last years. “We have a bunch of young guys coming out, and they’re all stepping up doing what they have to do. I couldn’t be more proud of the team we have this year.”

As a group, the Raiders edged Daniel Boone (39-36) and Susquehannock (37-30). The navy blue and gold also dispatched York Tech (66-18), East Pennsboro (54-24), Lebanon (48-24) and Palmyra (51-24).

We’ve just been lucky,” said Miller, in his 20th season. “We’ve had close matches, but we come out on top through the experience aspect of it. Our sophomores have been keeping us up and doing everything they can. ”

The 10th-grade quartet of Price, Alex Puglio (106-pounds), Owen Nell (132), Cameron Krow (126) combined for a 16-4 record Tuesday.

We’re sophomores from 106 to basically 132, so it’s tough with those kids because you never know,” said Miller. “One match they’ll look really good, and then they’ll make a couple mistakes. We have the veterans up top.”

Seniors Nick Smith (138), Randy Wintersohl (145), and Austin Rueppel (170) all went 4-1 in their final holiday outing.

Elco will need to keep its momentum heading into a pivotal two-week stretch which will determine who wears the Lancaster-Lebanon League Section Three crown. The Raiders host defending champ Northern Lebanon next Thursday in Myerstown at 7 p.m.

I want to beat them,” said Bankus. “It’s always been a goal of mine. I want to beat them, take the section and if our team keeps wrestling the way we are – we can pull it out in the end, but it’s all in time.”

The Raiders also have to take a trip to Annville-Cleona on Jan. 21 to battle the Little Dutchmen.

The section comes down to our match against Northern Lebanon because they already beat Annville,” said Miller. “I don’t know how we stack up with Annville. I’m not sure yet, but we match up with them much better than we do with Northern Lebanon.”

As for the Section Two race, Lebanon’s still not ready for primetime, although second-year coach Vaughn Black has proved there is a future for the Cedars’ program. Numbers are up and interest is increasing at the city school.

We’re getting more kids out to spread across the weight classes,” said Black. “It’s just been the coaches and I putting in a lot of time in the offseason trying to get these guys into camps and just doing open mats.”

Lebanon freshmen Jose Barrios completed a perfect day at the Elco Tournament with a 5-0 record in the 106-pound bracket.

He’s been putting in a lot of work,” said Black. “I think we had a good tournament. We got to see a lot of growth from the kids and see how much they matured from last year. We’re lasting a lot longer in matches, whereas last year that wasn’t always the case.”


Elco 39, Daniel Boone 36

120 – Shawn Price (E) won by forfeit

126 – Tyler Ring (DB) def. Cameron Krow, 5-3

132 – Jack Zummo (DB) def. Owen Nell, 4-2

138 – Joey Yohn (DB) pinned Carlos Romero, 0:38

145 – Nick Smith (E) pinned Anthony Sacorrello, 1:35

152 – Randy Wintersohl (E) pinned Kyle Brisnola, 1:38

160 – Christian Fernandez (DB) pinned Ryan Clark, 0:23

170 – Austin Rueppel (E) won by forfeit

182 – Ryan Rolon (E) def. Brendon Valverde, 5-3

195 – Mason Hoffman (DB) pinned Jeremy Habowski, 3:56

220 – Jesse Enck (DB) pinned Bobby Kreps, 1:29

285 – Wes Bankus (E) pinned Carl Levingood, 0:30

106 – Alex Puglio (E) won by forfeit

113 – Connor Spalding (DB) won by forfeit.


Elco 66, York Tech 18

126 – Austin Eldridge (E) pinned Ryan Knisley, 0:46

132 – Cameron Krow (E) pinned Jeremy Moffitt, 0:34

138 – Brandon Montooth (YT) pinned Carlos Romero, 4:26

145 – Nick Smith (E) pinned Austin Morrison, 0:22

152 – Austin Thomas (E) pinned Tyler Schooe, 4:36

160 – Ethan Anspach (E) pinned Zach Hagarman, 5:20

170 – Austin Rueppel (E) won by forfeit

182 – Kyle Ilgenfritz (YT) pinned Quentin Weaver, 0:59

195 – Ben Burkhart (E) pinned Gage Leppley, 0:51

220 – Bobby Kreps (E) pinned Yanez, 0:10

285 – Wes Bankus (E) won by forfeit

106 – Alex Puglio (E) pinned Chris Peerson, 0:14

113 – Sam Hoover (YT) won by forfeit

120 – Shawn Price (E) pinned Drake Abel, 0:40


Elco 48, Lebanon 24

106 – Jose Barrios (LEB) def. Alex Puglio, 7-0

113 – J. Spongler (LEB) won by forfeit

120 – Shawn Price (E) won by forfeit

126 – Austin Eldridge (E) won by forfeit

132 – Owen Nell (E) pinned T. Blair, 3:25

138 – Nick Smith (E) pinned J. Imm, 4:36

145 – Randy Wintersohl (E) def. M. Klien, 4-0

152 – A. Anazagazty (LEB) pinned Ryan Clark, 0:32

160 – B. Kutz (LEB) pinned Ethan Anspach, 3:59

170 – Austin Rueppel (E) pinned D. Seabrook, 1:32

182 – Ryan Rolon (E) pinned A. Borges, 2:34

195 – Jeremy Habowski (E) def. M. Jimenez, 10-3

220 – J. Anazagazty (LEB) def. Bobby Kreps, 4-3

285 – Wes Bankus (E) pinned Lucas Imm, 0:50


Elco 54, East Pennsboro 24

132 – Owen Nell (E) pinned Austin Mauer, 3:05

138 – Nick Smith (E) pinned Kane Ault, 2:36

145 – Alex Klucker (EP) pinned Randy Wintersohl, 3:16

152 – Matt Danner (EP) pinned Ryan Clark, 0:15

160 – Ethan Anspach (E) pinned Sterner, 0:21

170 – Austin Rueppel (E) pinned Sipe, 0:32

182 – Ryan Rolon (E) def. Nick Long, 5-1

195 – Kyle Burkey (EP) pinned Jeremy Habowski, 2:52

220 – Bobby Kreps (E) pinned Sean Schanars, 1:00

285 – Wes Bankus (E) won by forfeit.

106 – Justin Kegeris (E) won by forfeit

113 – Alex Puglio (E) won by forfeit

120 – Shawn Price (E) pinned Owen Mostoller, 3:27

126 – Cameron Krow (E) def. Andrew Black, 5-0


Elco 51, Palmyra 24

138 – Owen Nell (E) def. Chris Cisney, 7-1

145 – Randy Wintersohl (E) pinned Gavin Carr, 3:29

152 – Ryan Clark (E) won by forfeit

160 – Ethan Anspach (E) pinned Sean Cleveland, 4:36

170 – John Michael Harryman (PAL) won by forfeit

182 – Ryan Rolon (E) won by forfeit

195 – Adam Kennedy (PAL) pinned Ben Burkhart, 0:54

220 – Leo Higgins (PAL) pinned Jeremy Habowski, 2:47

285 – Max Kreps (E) won by forfeit

106 – Josh Myers (PAL) won by forfeit

113 – Justin Kegeris (E) won by forfeit

120 – No Contest

126 – Austin Eldridge (E) won by forfeit

132 – Cameron Krow (E) won by forfeit



Elco 37, Susquehannock 30

113 – Alexander Holloway (SQ) won by forfeit

120 – Shawn Price (E) def. Conor Hinkle, 6-0

126 – Dakota Hess (SQ) def. Cameron Krow, 7-3

132 – Owen Nell (E) technical fall Eric Duncan, 9-1

138 – Collin Riley (SQ) pinned Carlos Romero, 2:33

145 – Joey Ramijue (SQ) def. Nick Smith, 5:37

152 – Randy Wintersohl (E) pinned Chris Argar, 0:52

160 – Tucker Devilbiss (SQ) pinned Ethan Anspach, 3:34

170 – Ray Wenger (SQ) def. Austin Rueppel, 5-3

182 – Ryan Rolon (E) def. Jack Allred, 8-3

195 – Jeremy Habowski (E) pinned Lee Cook, 5:08

220 – Bobby Kreps (E) def. Richard Myers, 1-0

285 – Wes Bankus (E) pinned Chris Stevens, 0:46

106 – Alex Puglio (E) pinned Jack Holloway, 1:28.



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