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12 years ago
A-train has Falcons on Track for Success


 They call her ‘A-train’.  And not because when she’s got the ball on her feet she single-mindedly barrels towards the goal like an unstoppable freight train.

 A-train is Adrienne Yoder, the Cedar Crest girls’ soccer team’s senior striker. And when Yoder’s coach Daryl Neiswender refers to her, he does it playfully with the nickname ‘A-train’.

 You see Adrienne sounds a lot like ‘A-train’. Go ahead, say it three times real fast.

 It was four years ago when Neiswender first coached Yoder as an eighth grader in junior high. When he first met her, Neiswender inquired about the fiery Yoder’s name.

 The response he got was ‘Adrienne’, but that’s not what he heard.

 “I asked someone, ‘What’s her name?’, ” explained Neiswender. “I didn’t hear ‘Adrienne’. I heard ‘A-train’. So I just started calling her ‘A-train’. She was a little tyke and she got a goal for me. And the nickname stuck.”



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